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How To Win Business Deals & Build Relationships Through the Virtual Space Workshop

What a power-packed workshop! Helmed by Ms Maxine Teo, a highly influential and energetic global trainer, it was a spirited hands-on experience throughout the two-part webinar where practical tips and know-how were effectively grasped and honed right on the spot.

Among the practical skills demonstrated were the five-step process to turn a “No” into a “Yes”, and how to use power phrases to win over sceptics. Using safety, control or trust-oriented words, one can communicate with gravitas in the virtual space. Ms Teo, who is also a member of NUSS Toastmasters Club, highlighted the correct way to articulate, structure compelling phrases, avoid fillers and utilise positive and engaging words.

The line “If you can look beyond the smoke and identify the driving force, you will be able to break down the defensive walls” extracted from her book, “Secret Manual of the Sales Warrior book” (complimentary for all workshop registrants) was brought to life. The participants picked up strategies to manage difficult people and situations resulting in resolution of issues and better collaborations. And how the right tone, which is made up of key elements such as inflection, pitch and pace, can tremendously empower the communication.

In addition, the participants picked up tips on choosing the right technology platforms and tools, and learnt how to use them effectively to improve the overall impact of the interaction with their audience. From learning about conferencing apps to selection of microphone, the webcam, the lighting and even positioning of the various gadgets, Ms Teo meticulously showed how individual element works with each other for the ideal set-up.

After attending the workshop, participants were more confident in how to engage audience, and how to increase the impact of virtual communication and were ready to boost their opportunities through the virtual space. Among the feedback on useful tips learnt were “Learning about engagement, matching energy, voice tonality to the other party”, “How to do a good set-up for zoom and how to communicate better using zoom, using power words, good intonation, and good visual image”, “Conversion of others in engagement” and “Tips on how to better project yourself at a zoom meeting”.

“It was also heartening to observe that the learners were all very keen to learn and immediately applied some of the tips that I shared with them, to help them increase their impact and presence in the virtual space. Their active participation and keen questions made the entire sharing experience very enjoyable”, Ms Teo said at the conclusion of the webinar.

If you missed the workshop and are still keen to pick up practical communications skills to engage your audience effectively and boost your confidence in public speaking – both in the virtual space and in person, the NUSS Toastmasters Club is definitely the place for you. Contact tmcnuss@gmail.com for more details.

Contributed by Sharon Kam Chwee Biow, Vice President (Education), NUSS Toastmasters Club


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