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Four Ways to Spend Quality Time With Family

As many of us head back to the office more frequently, let’s not forget to slow down and make memories with the ones who truly matter. Here are some ideas on how you can spend meaningful time with your parents:


• Make a family scrapbook – Reminisce and have a good laugh over your favourite childhood memories as you rediscover old photographs. Take your creative project to the next level at our upcoming short course on how to compile an electronic scrapbook here


• Try out a new recipe – Test out those new recipes you’ve been meaning to try! Or why not attend a hands-on class and learn how to create the key components to everyday Nonya Dishes together. Click here for more details


• Take a weekly walk together – Getting out of the house and enjoying fresh air can be a wonderful stress reliever! While you’re at it, why not drop by Mandalay Guild House to enjoy some al fresco dining at our lush garden patio?


• Exercise together – Take a dip in our swimming pool at KRGH! Swimming is a terrific low-impact sport that helps to improve flexibility and range of motion, while being gentle on the joints.

Let’s give mum and dad the gift of quality time through shared activities. Enjoy preferential rates for classes through our Parent Membership. Click here for more details

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