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Your Ticket To A Culinary Journey Around the World

Can’t travel? No problem! Let your tastebuds take you on a vacation as we look forward to the day our borders open once again. Here’s a list of ongoing promotions to take you on a gastronomic trip when you dine at our Restaurants.

BBQ Percik set, Kelantan, Malaysia – Savour the rich flavour from a variety of BBQ roast meat dishes, originating from the State of Kelantan, North East coast of Peninsula Malaysia, over at Café on the Ridge. Click here to find out more.


Noodle Delights, KL and Ipoh, Malaysia – Did you know? “Moonlight Hor Fun” was named due to the raw egg yolk that resembled a full moon against the night sky. Enjoy the hearty flavours of Ipoh Moonlight Hor fun with Seafood and Abalone (shown in picture) and the KL Black Hokkien Noodles with US Scallops and Crayfish over at the Bistro. Click here for the full details.


Taiwanese beef noodle soup, Taiwan ($13.90) – Tuck into this delicious bowl of rich beef noodle broth that hail from Taiwan! Trust us, it is the perfect comfort food on a cool and rainy night.


Afternoon tea set, England, UK – It was said that to be a ritual for Anna, the Duchess of Bedford in 1840 to have afternoon tea, as dinner was always served fashionably late. Over time, it became a social event for upper-class and society women. Take a break and indulge in one of the most quintessential of English customs, available daily at all Guild Houses. Find out more here


Whisky promotion, Scotland, UK – For the longest time, Scottish whiskies have been highly sought after for their distinctive taste and flavour. This quarter, bring a little bit of Scotland into your homes! Available at all Guild Houses. Click here to find out more

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