Tuesday, March 21, 2023

NUSS hosted its first ever [email protected] at the Della & Seng Gee Guild Hall at Kent Ridge Guild House on 3 December 2022 to promote green living. It was a hit among the members and their guests who turned up to join in the activities specially organised throughout the day.

Browsing through the 12 booths set up by pro-sustainability partners such as Semula-Asia, Reebelo, Mamashop, Unpackt, members were able to learn about the benefits of adopting sustainable lifestyles and habits. There was also a Clothing and Book Exchange booth for the donation of old clothing and books for exchange or give away.

Participants at the Toilet Roll Upcycling workshop got to repurpose toilet roll cores to create a variety of designs. The Herb Gardening workshop provided participants with the option of planting their own herbs instead of buying them. The Composting Workshop also showed participants how to turn general household waste into compost and fertiliser.

The kids also got to unleash their artistic talents at the Children Art Workshop on flower hammering and learnt how to transfer flower colours onto the white cloth to create an image of the flower.

The enthusiasm of everyone’s participation is a sign that we can all do our part towards conserving the Earth’s natural resources and habitats.

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