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A peek into the thriving NUSS Pickleball Community

Contributed by Ms Eugenia Lim, Deputy Convenor for Pickleball Section

During the months of May through August, the NUSS Pickleball Section has been bustling with a whirlwind of activity, sharing the joy of Pickleball (PB) with fellow enthusiasts.

The NUSS PB team engaged in two external friendly games, showcasing their skills and camaraderie with members from Choa Chu Kang Community Club (CCK) and Clementi Sports Hall (CSH) PB interest groups.

The initial encounter occurred on 23 May 2023 at the CCK Community Club. Sending in a team of 18 players, NUSS PB participated in nine thrilling matches with CCK PB interest group players, marking the beginning of a series of external friendly games.

Subsequently, on 7 July 2023, NUSS PB faced off against the CSH PB interest group at the ActiveSG Sports Centre. The competition saw 18 NUSS PB participants engaging in three rounds of games, totalling 21 matches.

The spirit of friendly competition continued as NUSS PB hosted two games with PB enthusiasts from CCK and Singapore Island Country Club (SICC). The first “return” PB games with CCK players were held on 10 July 2023, at NUSS Multi-Purpose Hall at Kent Ridge Guild House, featuring 22 players and 11 matches. Following this, on 25 August 2023, the Section played against 24 members from SICC in an exciting series of 24 matches.

In addition, the NUSS PB Section made its first foray into the Pesta Sukan 2023 by sending a team comprising ten dedicated members, to participate in the “Team Challenge” competition. The event was held at Bukit Canberra Sports Hall on 25 July 2023. This exposure was an enriching experience for the team, setting the stage for future challenges and achievements for the Section!

In addition to external games, NUSS PB organised two internal PB-friendly games for its members on 2 June 2023 and 9 August 2023. The games attracted 32 participants each time, fostering a sense of community among Section members.

These friendly exchanges and competitions offer a unique experience for NUSS PB members and an opportunity to build connections and make new friends within the larger PB community. Promoting a sense of sportsmanship, these interactions foster the development of strong bonds and camaraderie among all members.

NUSS PB extends a warm invitation to those seeking an activity that combines fun, fitness, and friendship. Consider joining NUSS PB to explore the wonderful world of Pickleball firsthand!

To learn more, visit this link.

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