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Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: A Toastmaster’s Triumph

In the realm of personal development and leadership, Toastmasters International stands as a beacon for individuals seeking to hone their communication and leadership skills. It’s also an organisation that recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievements of its members.

In this feature, we introduce Ms Sharon Kam, a recent recipient of the Outstanding Toastmaster Award. Additionally, she sheds light on the thriving NUSS Toastmasters Club community that continues to empower individuals on their journey towards self-improvement.

The Outstanding Toastmaster Award (OATM): A Distinction of Excellence

OATM is a prestigious recognition within the Toastmasters International Singapore. It is an accolade that sets apart members who go above and beyond the norm, displaying exceptional dedication to the Toastmasters mission. The OATM is reserved for those who consistently push themselves to reach new heights and become more active participants in Toastmasters activities.

The OATM journey involves meeting specific requirements in five distinct award categories. These categories encompass various aspects of Toastmasters involvement, including leadership roles, educational accomplishments, and community engagement. To be eligible for this award, members must complete at least two different items in each category and ensure their total points meet the respective minimum requirements.

Ms Sharon Kam: An Exemplary Toastmaster

A Business Administration graduate from the National University of Singapore, Ms Sharon Kam’s journey within Toastmasters began with a simple aspiration—to enhance her public speaking skills and become a more effective leader. However, her journey has transformed into an inspiring story of personal growth and leadership excellence.

Ms Kam’s contributions to Toastmasters District 80 (a section comprising 200 clubs and over 4,000 members) have been nothing short of extraordinary. She has spearheaded numerous programmes and events including the first Leadership public forum in Singapore, developed effective marketing campaigns and served in various roles from Club President to Area/Division Director and now, District 80 Club Growth Director, enriching the experience for fellow toastmasters.

NUSS Toastmasters Club: A Nexus of Excellence

“I attribute my growth to my club’s nurturing environment. NUSS Toastmasters Club provides a safe, supportive and conducive space for me to learn and to venture into different leadership roles”, said Ms Kam who has been a member since December 2017.

“NUSS Toastmasters Club has consistently empowered individuals to step out of their comfort zones, embrace self-improvement, and reach new heights in communication and leadership”, she added.

The club’s ethos revolves around inclusivity, support, and the celebration of personal achievements. With a diverse membership representing various backgrounds and professions, NUSS Toastmasters Club provides a platform for individuals to develop their skills and build lasting connections.

Start your Toastmasters Journey at NUSS

If Ms Sharon Kam’s story and the concept of Toastmasters have piqued your interest, NUSS Toastmasters Club could be the place for you.  All NUSS members are welcome to visit or join this club.

For a close-knit community that fosters the development of your speaking and leadership skills, explore the NUSS Toastmasters Club here.

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