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A Fruitful Night of Intellectual Exchanges

2024 has been dubbed by many as the “Year of Elections”. A shift in the global political landscape is imminent with countries like Pakistan, Indonesia and the United States heading to the polls in 2024. In light of this, an insightful dialogue session was held on 31 January at Kent Ridge Guild House – Della & Seng Gee Guild Hall, with former local politician Mr George Yeo as guest speaker.

Organised by the Intellectual Pursuit Sub-Committee, “In Conversation with George Yeo” proved to be engaging and informative for the 200 guests in attendance. Apart from sharing insights from his experiences as a cabinet minister, Mr George Yeo also spoke about the political landscape of Southeast Asia countries and the world at large, showcasing his extensive knowledge in the culture and history of the different regions. He also briefly discussed recent hot topics like China-US relations and artificial intelligence, touching on topics of technology, economy and society.

Mr George Yeo also shared about his inspirations for his three-part book collection: “Musings Part One, Two, and Three.” He expressed his views on how Singapore, as a multicultural society, mirrors the broader world’s diversity, underscoring Singapore’s interconnectedness with the rest of the world. Greatly inspired by the sharing, the audience was particularly lively when questions were opened to the floor.

Mr George Yeo engaged in thought provoking exchanges with several guests, offering valuable insights into Singapore’s place in the world and the importance of embracing diversity in navigating the complexities of the modern global landscape. The session was extremely captivating with Mr Yeo adding his unique touch of humour and wit in his answers. At the end of the night, guests also had the opportunity to have their books autographed after the dialogue.

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