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Cherry Blossoms and Verdant Landscapes: Golf Section Trip to Jeju, Korea

The Golf Section embarked on an unforgettable expedition to Jeju, Korea from 27 March to 1 April. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of spring’s cherry blossoms in full bloom, members were treated to the lush greenery of the Korean golf courses. Apart from exploring historical sites and immersing themselves in the vibrant local culture, members also indulged in authentic Korean cuisine.

With a total of 76 golfers and 23 non-golfers on the trip, the itinerary was a vibrant blend of activities and experiences that catered to their different needs. The golfers marvelled at the stunning landscapes of Crown Country Club, Raon Golf Club, and Cypress Country Club. Despite the inclement weather, featuring cold and windy showers, they displayed remarkable perseverance and continued to play.

While the golfers were immersed in their rounds, the non-golfers embarked on captivating excursions to explore Jeju’s rich cultural heritage. From the unique charm of Seongeup Village to the enlightening exhibits at the Folklore & Natural History Museum, and the bustling energy of Dongmun Market, every stop offered a unique glimpse into the island’s vibrant tapestry. Moreover, with cherry blossoms adorning the landscape, Jeju’s beauty was elevated to new heights, transforming every picture taken into a vivid imagery straight out of a colourful comic book.

No trip to Jeju is complete without indulging in authentic Korean cuisine. Every meal proved to be a tantalising experience for members’ taste buds, including the sizzling beef bulgogi, the comforting ginseng chicken soup and the savoury delights of barbecue paired with the freshest catches from the sea.

Golf Convenor Mr Joseph Ng expressed his gratitude to everyone for their enthusiastic participation. Members also forged cherished bonds and created lasting memories that would endure for years to come. It was truly an extraordinary trip of golf, culture and gastronomy.

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