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NUSS Sports & Recreation Night: Celebrating Achievements and Sportsmanship

The Sports & Recreation Night was held on 20 April at Kent Ridge Guild House with 230 members in attendance. Della & Seng Gee Guild Hall was filled with laughter and festivities, exemplifying the spirit of passion and sportsmanship and underscoring NUSS’ dedication to foster a vibrant sports community.

The event brimmed with excitement with Sports and Recreation (S&R) Sub-Committee Chairperson Mr Vincent Rasa Benedict extending a warm welcome to all guests. He was later joined by NUSS President, Mr Edward Stanley Tay for the awards presentation ceremony. For the first time ever, the Sportswoman of the Year was awarded to Ms Elaine Yong from the Pickleball Section. The Cycling Section and Balut Section bagged the “Most Promising Section” and the “Section of the Year” award respectively.

Prior to the dinner, the annual Inter-Section Games (ISG) was held in the day, as various section members participated in friendly competitions from 9 am to 6 pm, fostering camaraderie and forging lasting memories. Members were treated to exciting challenges and refreshing gameplay, ranging from bowling at Safra Mount Faber to fun and exhilarating matches of pickleball, social mahjong, darts, table tennis, badminton, tennis, and balut. Deputy S&R Chairperson, Mr Daniel Chia, presented awards to the winners of the Inter Section Games.

Beyond the formalities, engaging games and activities were lined up for members, featuring thrilling boat races and fast-paced drinking contests. The Friends Alliance Band (FAB)’s lively tunes also added to the evening’s festive atmosphere. Finally, the exhilarating day of competition, recognition, and celebration culminated in the highly anticipated lucky draw segment.

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