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NUSS Sub-Committee Soirée: Honouring Dedication and Contribution

The Sub-Committee Appreciation Dinner was held on 2 April at Kent Ridge Guild House. Della & Seng Gee Guild Hall was filled with an ambience of warmth and camaraderie, with many familiar faces gracing the occasion, promising a celebration of dedication and service.

Reflecting upon the past year’s endeavours, the event highlighted the resurgence of NUSS’ vitality following the alleviation of COVID-19 restrictions. In his opening address, NUSS President Mr Edward S Tay expressed his gratitude to the valued sub-committee members, whose tireless efforts have enriched the Society. “Your dedication has been invaluable, and this dinner is our humble tribute to each of you. Thank you for your unwavering passion and commitment over the years,” he said.

The various Sub-Committees breathe life into NUSS, enriching the experiences of our members. Notably, the successful Member-get-Member membership drive saw the family of NUSS expand by 900 new members, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

The NUSS-NUS mentorship programme, helmed by the Alumni Development Sub-Committee, endeavours to forge strong bonds within the alumni community. The Community Care Sub-Committee demonstrated unwavering compassion through outreach initiatives benefitting the less fortunate. The Intellectual Pursuit Sub-Committee organised several engaging dialogues and lectures, encouraging intellectual discourse on pertinent issues.

The four sections under the Cultural Sub-Committee captivated audiences with their performances and workshops. Noteworthy was the Choir’s international debut in Australia, showcasing NUSS’ talent on the global stage. The Sports & Recreation Sub-Committee revitalised physical and mental wellness through inter-club competitions and recreational activities.

The Appreciation Dinner serves as an acknowledgment to all pivotal Sub-Committees and Panels, each playing a vital role in NUSS’ multifaceted operations. From ensuring communication quality to maintaining financial integrity, their contributions were all indispensable. The night also saw the presentation of Long Service Awards to Sub-Committee members who have served faithfully for five years or more, recognising their unwavering passion and commitment over the years.

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