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Annual General Meeting 2024: A Night of Fruitful Exchanges

Della & Seng Gee Guild Hall at Kent Ridge Guild House was bustling with activities on 25 April as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) convened with about 150 members in attendance. This year’s AGM holds special significance as it coincides with NUSS commemorating its 70th anniversary, infusing the occasion with a sense of uniqueness and celebration.

After NUSS President Mr Edward S Tay confirmed that there was a quorum, the meeting kicked off by confirming the minutes of the AGM held last year.

Before the passing of the Annual Report and Financial Statements, Chairman Mr Edward S Tay led the members present through its contents. Members gave feedback on matters mentioned in the Annual Report and suggested new initiatives.

Mr Chandra Mohan K Nair, a Past President of NUSS, highlighted the membership decline and stressed the need for bold action. He also addressed concerns about NUSS financial position over the years. Dr Francis Pavri inquired about the progress made in creating additional facilities and activities tailored to the needs of older members (above 55 years old), who constitute the most significant demographic within NUSS.

The resolution for a Member-get-Member Membership Marketing Campaign at a preferred entrance fee for a campaign period of up to six months was also carried. During the AGM, MC member Mr Ng Teck Wee, the proposer for the resolution, briefed members on the campaign details. He was supported by Dr Sean Kuan Thye, the seconder of this resolution.

As part of the AGM, the following members were also duly elected to the MC 2024/2026:

  • Mr Daniel Chia Han Yong
  • Dr Keith Alan Liew
  • Mr Soh Yi Da
  • Mr Edward Stanley Tay Wey Kok
  • Mr Tong Hsien-Hui
  • Mr Sonny Yuen Chee Choong

Before closing the proceedings, Mr Edward S Tay shared that the Society’s Honorary Legal Adviser Dato’ Peter Madhavan expressed his desire to step down from this role after this AGM. A heartfelt vote of thanks was passed in honour of Dato’ Peter, who has been the cornerstone of legal wisdom of the Society since 1989.

Finally, Mr Edward S Tay thanked the audience for their feedback and said that the MC would consider the suggestions very carefully. As this marks his final term under the constitution, Mr Tay also expressed his sincere appreciation for the members’ unwavering confidence and support throughout his tenure. The invaluable relationships and experiences have left an indelible mark in his heart, and he earnestly hopes for his successors to continue building upon the enduring legacy of the Society.

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