Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Monthly Archives: March, 2024

Harmony in Voices: NUSS Singathon 2024

Kent Ridge Guild House resonated with vibrant activities and melodious voices on 9 March as NUSS hosted the annual Singathon event. 302 students from...

A Showcase of Outstanding Prowess and Teamwork: Pickleball Section Shines at Thailand Open

The Pickleball Section left an indelible mark on the recent Thailand Open held in Hua Hin, showcasing exceptional athleticism and teamwork over five days...

A Day of Friendly Competition and Joyful Camaraderie at the President & Ang Pow Challenge 2024

In a cherished annual tradition, the NUSS President & Ang Pow Challenge 2024 took place amidst the serene greens of Marina Bay Golf Course...