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Entering a new decade at the NUSS-NUS Mentorship Programme Welcome Dinner

On the evening of 6 October 2023, the Della & Seng Gee Guild Hall at Kent Ridge Guild House came alive with energy as the latest cohort of mentors and mentees gathered for the NUSS-NUS Mentorship Programme Welcome Dinner. Now in its 11th year, this dynamic collaboration between NUSS and the NUS Office of Student Affairs aims to connect NUS undergraduates with seasoned industry professionals within the NUSS community.

Launched in AY2012/2013, the mentorship program initially featured mentors with over a decade of industry experience. Acknowledging the valuable insights of recent graduates, the program has been expanded to incorporate a new category of mentors – associate mentors with a minimum of five years of experience.

This year’s mentorship cycle features 134 mentors, including 22 associate mentors, matched with 210 enthusiastic mentees. The Welcome Dinner provided a vibrant platform for mentors and mentees to forge connections over drinks and dinner.

In his opening address, NUSS President Mr Edward S Tay emphasised the importance of connecting students with the invaluable experiences of the alumni body. ” The distinction between a good university and an exceptional university lies in its capacity to extend learning beyond the confines of classrooms and laboratories. To this end, NUS has many mentorship programs across the campus that connect its students with the invaluable experience of its alumni and other supporters outside of the campus. NUSS is privileged to be among the first to support NUS in such programs,” he said.

Associate Professor Ho Han Kiat, Dean of Students (NUS), underscored the timeless relevance of mentoring in the digital age, noting, “Even with ChatGPT, it cannot replace the heartfelt engagement, sharing of stories, and life-on-life coaching that comes with in-person mentoring sessions.”

He concluded his speech expressing gratitude to NUSS mentors for their commitment. He encouraged students to seize the opportunity to broaden their horizons and be receptive to engagement for a successful mentorship experience.

As the Mentorship Programme enters another year, the collaborative spirit between NUSS and NUS continues to thrive, creating a dynamic platform for strengthening connections with the Society and its alma mater.

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