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Food, fun and Pickleball at Sriracha, Thailand

Contributed by Ms Serene Chua, Pickleball Section member

The National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) Pickleball Section was proud to organise its first overseas Pickleball trip to Sriracha, Thailand, for its Section members from 29th August to 2nd September 2023. The group of 18 members enthusiastically embarked on their first trip to Sriracha, filled not only with sightseeing and savouring various Thai cuisines but also engaging in friendly Pickleball matches with their Thai counterparts.

A special mention goes to Pickleball Section member, Mr Steve Boey, who holds a deep affection for Sriracha. Since 2017, he has organised around 10 trips to Sriracha for his friends. Upon arrival at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, after a two-hour land transit, the group arrived at The Tree Club to familiarise themselves, warm up, and engage in several Pickleball matches on four beautiful blue courts with shower facilities available.

The day concluded with the group relishing dinner at a local Thai restaurant near the seaside.

The next day started early with a visit to the wet market to savour local delicacies like kueys, kuey chap, porridge, local coffee, and soya bean, followed by a ferry trip to explore Ko Sichang Island. A day of exploration ensued, with male members opting for motorcycles and female members choosing tuk-tuks (local motorised rickshaws) to traverse the various parts of the offshore island.


Wrapping up an exhausting and sweltering day, the group enjoyed dinner at Olim Pizza, renowned for its outstanding pizza presentations and creatively adorned cocktail drinks.

On the third day, a friendly inaugural match unfolded among the participants. Pickleball players, joined by their newly acquainted Thai counterparts, were split into Red and Blue teams. The teams engaged in spirited competition, and the Red team emerged victorious led by Mr Steve Boey, the Captain of the Red team.

Following the match, the members indulged in a relaxing onsen and massage to alleviate body and muscle aches before gathering for a farewell dinner at the beachfront restaurant, Moom Aroi Sriracha.

The final day in Sriracha allowed for leisure activities, leading some members to opt for a 30-minute ride to Pattaya to explore the floating market for shopping. The night concluded with Karaoke singing, impromptu cha-cha dancing, and a birthday celebration for Ms Kwee Lan with their newfound Thai friends.

On the departure day back to Singapore, members radiated happiness and contentment as they packed their bags with local souvenirs, snacks, and embroidered name tags. The trip deepened the bonds and camaraderie among members, leaving behind cherished memories and a shared affection for Sriracha.

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