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Celebrating the Confluence of Past and Future at the NUSS Countdown Party

On the last night of 2023, the lobby and Guild Hall of Kent Ridge Guild House echoed with joy and celebration during the eagerly awaited Countdown party. Embracing this year’s theme, attendees were transported back to Singapore in 1954, offering a delightful homage to that bygone era. The evening’s ambience was accentuated by black-and-white iconic images, while a wandering kachang puteh* vendor and a display of classic toys in the lobby brought the nostalgia of a simpler time vividly to life.

A throwback to yesteryears, the *kachang puteh pre-event snack was a hit that evening!

*Kachang puteh is a common roadside snack featuring a variety of nuts and crackers served in white folded paper cones.

As one of the year’s most anticipated events, attendees arrived at the venue dressed in chic retro attire, ready to bid farewell to 2023 in style. Prior to entering the Guild Hall, guests had the opportunity to capture cherished memories with their loved ones at the photo booth.

Emcee Moe Alkaff (second from right) leading volunteers through a round of games.

In addition to the delectable dinner and beverages, the evening was elevated by the dynamic presence of veteran emcee, Mr Moe Alkaff, guiding the table games and activities with wit and charisma. The energetic live music, performed by the evergreen band, Jerry & the Neu Faces, ensured an electrifying atmosphere, with everyone on their feet, revelling in the lively ambience and dancing throughout the evening.

Five-piece local band, Jerry & the Neu Faces wowed the crowds with their covers of classic hits.

Beyond being a spectacular celebration, this event held a special significance for many as an opportunity to share moments with loved ones. NUSS member, Ms Angeline Teo, expressed, “This marks our second occasion booking an entire table for 10 to welcome the New Year together. It was extra special this time with my youngest daughter and son-in-law, newlyweds! Alongside in-laws from Australia and the rest of my family, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The highlight was my hubby winning the second prize in the lucky draw and entertaining the audience alongside the emcee. We laughed our heads off, and I believe his video has gone viral!

Smiles were all around as attendees bid adieu to 2023 over drinks.

As the clock struck midnight, jubilant cheers and well-wishes filled the air, symbolising the transition to a new year brimming with promise and anticipation. This moment set the perfect tone for the upcoming year, foreshadowing countless more memorable moments and gatherings within the vibrant NUSS community. Cheers to a splendid 2024!

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