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Celebrating Unity and Tradition: Welcome Dinner for NUSSU and NUS Sports Leaders

A warm evening welcomed Members of the NUSS Management Committee, Alumni Development Sub-Committee, Membership Sub-Committee, and esteemed guests from National University of Singapore’s Student Union (NUSSU) and NUS Sports Leaders at the annual NUSSU Leaders Welcome Dinner on 25 January 2024. In recognition of the invaluable contributions to the NUS student community made by the current NUSSU EXCO Leaders and NUS Sports Leaders, NUSS extends a complimentary NUSS Junior Membership to them during their term of office.

Mr Vincent Rasa Benedict, Vice President of NUSS, expressed appreciation to the group, underscoring the notable inclusion of NUS Sports Leaders for the first time, cultivating a promising partnership. The event served as a prime platform for the NUSSU Leaders and NUS Sports Leaders to promote camaraderie and interact with key NUSS figures, highlighting the significance of fortifying connections with alumni. Leaders were urged to engage in collaborative efforts for upcoming events, projects, and friendly sports games, reinforcing the connections between current students and alumni.

He emphasised ongoing collaborations with NUS, citing examples like the NUSS-NUS Mentorship Programme since 2012, and expressed a commitment to support the NUS Alumni Bursary Fund, fostering inclusive learning environments. The upcoming NUSS 70th Anniversary celebration, features events like the NUSS Lecture and a golf charity event, aligns with the theme of building lasting ties and legacies. In his address, Mr Vincent Rasa emphasised that the event embodies the core values of unity, collaboration, and tradition. As NUSS continues to thrive, its commitment to fostering lasting connections and contributing to the NUS community remains at the heart of its mission.

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