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Top 5 In-Demand Skills for Fresh Graduates

Businesses have seen a paradigm-shift due to the pandemic over the past 12 months. Technology has transformed the work setup, and in turn, the skills required to perform operations successfully. While existing employees are reskilling and upskilling to survive the change, as a fresh graduate, it’s important you build the skills that will up your employability quotient and help you secure a job of your choice.

We have distilled the top five in-demand skills to help you gain the edge in the current job market.

1. Digital fluency – This is one of the core skills to imbibe given the adoption of digitisation into the systems by businesses. The Internet and advanced mobile technology have ushered in a new era of digital work spaces where cloud based platforms run the show. Coupled with digital marketing skills such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and digital analytics, digital fluency as a whole is on top of charts of the recruiters.

Possible job opportunities: Digital marketing specialists, digital strategy specialists, digital transformation specialists, SEO specialist, social media marketer etc.

2. Data analysis and interpretation – As per the Future of Jobs Report 2020 by World Economic Forum (WEF), data analysis is an emerging field for job seekers. Systems/data analysis and evaluation along with efficient interpretation skills are much in demand, the report states. Expanding businesses and start-ups seek data analysts to help them take prudent decisions. Being equipped with strong data analysis skills, data mining and big data will help you gain a competitive edge with the reputed employer brands.

Possible job opportunities: Data analysts, big data analysts, information security analysts etc.


3. Creativity and Innovation – In today’s ever changing scenario, creativity makes you stand apart and stay ahead. Thinking out of the box and inventing new ways of executing traditional processes can put you in the right spot with the employers. Now is the time to develop your expertise in creative and innovative tactics to help the companies better weather the storm when the need be.

Possible job opportunities: Digital designers, art/creative directors, content writers/editors, marketing specialists and many more freelancing options.

4. Communication management – LiveCareer’s 2018 Skills Gap Report lists that 12 per cent of job ads prefer excellent communication skills in candidates. It’s pertinent to communicate effectively not only during interviews, but to forge stronger relationships, professionally and personally later on. As the roles move online and communication remains distant, these skills are essential for client servicing, dealing with internal and external stakeholders and establishing a good rapport. Job seekers with good communication and presentation skills will find a good market.

Possible job opportunities: Community managers, communications specialists, communications coordinators, corporate communication specialists etc.

5. Critical thinking and problem solving – Another core competency to develop is the skill of critically evaluating and assessing complex information and presenting it in simplified formats. Critical thinking helps you gauge challenges and find solutions to curtail risk. Adopting logical reasoning makes you a better problem-solver and a valuable employee. These two skills go hand in hand and employers like to hire and retain such versatile people to handle issues as they come up and provide solutions.

Possible job opportunities: Customer success specialists, product owners, human resource professionals, database and networks specialists and many more.

In order to land the right job, highlight your skills by crafting effective resumes and cover letters. Building soft skills is as essential today as the other skills that shape your future. A perfect blend of both can help you progress well in your career.


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